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Live Life to it fullest

Thirteen Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

- Jack Galvin

  1. Live for others. Donít let others choose your path for you, but donít choose a path that will hurt those around you. Itís easy to get caught up in your own life, but if you donít take care of those you love, what is it all for in the end?

  2. Take care of your body and your mind. Eat healthy when you can, get a good nightís sleep, and exercise. Your only connection with this world is through this fleshy meat vehicle we call our bodies. Take good care of it. Stop feeding it a constant stream of junk. A little downtime is alright, but donít dedicate every free hour you have to watching realty TV, watching gossip blogs, checking sports scores, and doing other stuff that requires little mental energy. Even the news can rot your brain with its constant barrage of negativity and biased sensationalism.

  3. Do work you love. Not everyone gets to play football or in a rock band for a living, but that doesnít mean you canít find something you love waking up in the morning for. Keep looking for it, and donít give up until you find it. Life is too short to fear Sunday evenings.

  4. Smile. If you smile, you will be happier.

  5. Love your parents and cherish them. If theyíre still around, give them all the love.

  6. Donít chase money for the sake of money. Having money is important in life, but only because it gives us the freedom to chase what we really want in life. You only get one life, and money is no good when youíre 6 feet in the ground.

  7. Analyse your weaknesses. One of the hardest things for people to do is to be objective when it comes to their own weaknesses. Weíre naturally inclined to rationalize away things weíre not good at, or believing that weíre better than we are. Once you can recognize your weaknesses and understand how theyíre holding you back, you can take active steps to work on yourself

  8. Constantly work on improving yourself. If youíre not doing something to improve yourself every day, then youíre not going to reach your goals.

  9. Stop giving up. Have you ever heard the story (urban myth?) of the man who was lost in the desert? He was found half a mile from a large oasis city. The point of this story is to illustrate the danger of quitting. Things are always hard until they get better, but youíll never know how close you came to achieving your goals if you quit before you see them all the way through.

  10. Find the time for what you want to do. A lot of us constantly complain about not having enough time, or being too busy to do things we want to do/accomplish. What we need to realize is that weíre the ones putting ourselves in those situations in the first place. If you feel trapped in a job, are you actively taking steps to extricate yourself from the situation? If you are, then you shouldnít waste time complaining. If youíre not, what are you complaining about?

  11. Stop trying to please everyone. Trying to please everyone is a great way to ensure you never do anything remarkable.

  12. Itís OK to fail. The only way to avoid failure is to not try anything. Donít be afraid to failÖthatís how you succeed. Besides, itís only really a failure if you stop trying.

  13. Overcome your fears. We all have things in our lives, whether its our circumstances or personal flaws that are holding us back from doing thing we truly want to do. You can either accept it, rationalize it away, or face your fears. Which one will you choose?

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